Larry David Returns In SNL’s Recreation Of CNN Coverage Of Ben Carson Endorsing Donald Trump

Thought you saw Larry David play Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live for the last time? Not a chance! Just like Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin, SNL isn’t going to let this perfect impression go until the horse is dead. This time, SNL recreated the CNN coverage of Ben Carson, played by Jay Pharoah,…


Did You Hear Chris Rock Talk With Ice T About Working On New Jack City Together?

For an episode of Ice T’s radio podcast Final Level, Chris Rock ventured in the recording studio to talk with Ice and co-host. The original interview aired a year ago, and got into a series of topics on sports teams, career, and more. Now to value the classic moment, Ice…

Racists For Trump Parody Political Ad By SNL

Donald Trump has been called a lot of things over the past few months by both his fans and those who oppose him. One of the strongest attacks on Trump is that is fan base is made up of racists and that even he is prejudice.  Saturday Night Live took this…

Kidd Adamz – Strangers (@kiddadamz)

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Pouring Molten Salt Into Water Has Explosive Results

Who knew you could melt salt. The Backyard Scientist did. For his latest experiment, he super heated some salt until it was in a liquid state and then, very carefully, poured the molten salt into an aquarium filled with water.  The results? Explosive!    Nerd – Viral Viral Videos

Cop On Traffic Stop Dodges Car Sliding On Ice At Last Moment

Sure, Spiderman has spidey-sense. But this Minnesota officer isn’t a superhero, and he basically has the same ability. After pulling someone over, the officer noticed an SUV sliding on the slick roads towards him and the vehicle.  Not only did he manage to get out of the way just in the nick…

Hoodrich Pablo Juan – Percocet (@AZaeProduction x @JerryPHD)

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Maya Rudloph And Martin Short Recruit Kenan Thompson For New Variety Series

For a roll out of new comedy shows coming to NBC, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short are going to add their touch in live sketch form on May 31st. For the now reported ‘Maya and Marty in Manhattan’ variety show, SNL’s own Kenan Thomspn has been announced to be joining…

Conan O’Brien Plays UFC 2 With Conor McGregor

Conan O’Brien is back with another episode from his ever popular video game review segment, Clueless Gamer. This time, he is joined by Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial artist Conor McGregor to, naturally, review the new fighting game UFC 2.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

FriendOfMoney aka Money G – “Intro” (Shot By #CTFILMS)

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