Tommy Davidson Updates People On Jim Carrey: “He’s Good!”

Jim Carrey has been making the rounds with different headlines these few days. A few weeks back we highlighted Carrey’s painting skills. This week Carrey made the most noise for himself when he hit NYFW and gave E! News a one of kind interview. For a talk with Sway In…


Mike Epps Isn’t Feeling That Celebs Now Want To Help People, Post Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has been at the center of talks, mostly because of the unity it has proven in our country. From everyday people to celebrities, we’ve seen help come to those who needed it most. Mike Epps has been one who doesn’t hold his tongue, and yesterday on his Instagram,…


5.4 Million People Watched Marlon’s Premiere On NBC, Trends On Twitter

Marlon Wayans return to TV is off too a strong start. The veteran actor and comedian, kicked off his new series ‘Marlon’ this week and received a huge response. Not only did a reported 5.4 Million people watch Wayans’s new series, it also was a trending topic on Twitter. Droves…


‘Insecure’ Actress Who Plays Tasha Says People Send Her Hate Mail Over Character

It appears that some people can’t separate actress Dominique Perry from her role as Tasha on HBO’s Insecure. In a recent interview with Essence, Dominique went to reveal that she actually gets hate mail for playing Lawrence’s new interest on the show. “I get so much hate mail. I’ve even had…


Dear White People Is Coming Back To Netflix For ‘Season 2’, 10 New Episodes

Despite some Netflix subscribers being upset about the series version of Dear White People; the show is returning for it’s second season. If you have ever watched the series you would know they have figured out a way to address some pretty real issues comedically. According from the show’s creator…


How To Properly Introduce Yourself To A Group Of People

Ever feel awkward when you’re new to a larger group of people? Fear no more, this dude got your back. The post How To Properly Introduce Yourself To A Group Of People appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Issa Rae Joins THR’s ‘Close Up’: “People Told Me I Was White People Funny”

Some would say that different races laugh at different things but Issa Rae has managed to get everyone laughing. On a new sit down for The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable series; Issa joined several other women in comedy to discuss their stories. At one point Issa mentioned comments she would get…

Brian Tyree Henry Tells Seth Meyers People Mistakingly Call Him ‘Paper Bag’

It’s not expected until next year that we will see Brian Henry back on our screen as Paper Boi in FX’s Atlanta. For the time being he’s been busy with a few other projects. Last night he talked about a couple of his projects with Late Night with Seth and…


100 People Share Their Favorite Pick Up Line

Pick up lines are usually cheesy as hell, but I did learn a thing or two watching this guide with some hilarious oneliners. The post 100 People Share Their Favorite Pick Up Line appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Hannibal Buress Has Advice For 2017 Graduates: “Save All Your Crazy College Stories For People That Were There”

In a special feature for The Late Show; Hannibal Buress played along as the 2017 Commencement speaker for University Of College. As the speaker, he went on to give some advice and pretty much tried his best to deliver a flawless speech. So for all you graduates that needed to…