5 Things To Know Before You Spend Your Money On A Comedy Class

When people ask me how I started doing comedy I always tell the story about how one of my best friends wants to write a comedic movie and decided the best thing to do would be to take a comedy writing class. My initial reaction was, ‘yo, that’s a great idea’…


Video: Chris Rock Sets To Filmed His $20 Million Netflix Special, Here’s What We Know

Chris Rock is ready to give us a fresh hour material on stage apart of his Netflix comedy special deal, announced this year. Last night in Brooklyn the comedy great prepared to film his first special apart of a reported $ 40 Million Netflix deal. Rock took to his Instagram…


Three Holiday Shows You Should Know About That Are Happening At NY’s Empire City Casino

‘Tis the season to be jolly at Empire City Casino in Yonkers, NY. Instead of “gobble, gobble, gobble” and “ho, ho, ho,” comedy fans will be roaring “ha, ha, ha,” with a trio of Wednesday Night Comedy Shows this November and December. Get your stuffing on, and head to Yonkers to see…


Cats Know Traffic Rules Too These Days

It’s just a matter of time before they take over the world. The post Cats Know Traffic Rules Too These Days appeared first on Viral Viral Videos. Funny – Viral Viral Videos


Girls Trip, Insecure: This Weekend The World Will Know That #BlackWomenAreFunnyToo

Black women are funny. Not just when they’re the token on an all white show. Not when they’re the overweight sidekick comic relief or the moral compass to the zany White woman’s crazy life. They’re funny when they don’t have to center white people and their interests, culture, and beliefs…


Did You Know Chappelle Show’s Neal Brennan Directed JAY-Z’s 4:44 Documentary?

Jay Z recently put out his 13th studio album ‘4:44’ and soon after started releasing a docu-series featuring several respected names in entertainment. Many, if not all were black men who each shared their truest views on several subject matters. Now the interesting thing about this project is that it…

Things You May Not Know About ‘Get Out’: More Symbols Explained

Get Out dominated theaters thanks to it’s thought provoking approach to society, and race. If you may have noticed the film features many different messages that sometimes went under the radar. So the people over at ScreenPrism decided to help with breaking down those messages and symbols the film had….


Michael Che & Colin Jost Want You To Know SNL Is Not To Blame For Humanizing Trump, Talk With GQ

The Weekend Update duo, Colin Jost & Michael Che recently talked with the folks over at GQ. The two comedians took it back with their own Blues Brother style and got to touch on of course, Donald Trump. If you can recall people like SNL, and Jimmy Fallon were called…

Here’s 73 Different Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Aziz Ansari

In about two weeks, Aziz Ansari will bring the second season of Master Of None to Netflix. Before Aziz continues his adventure with the series he caught up with Vogue Magazine to play a game of ’73 questions’. In the feature we learn a lot of cool and interesting facts…


‘The Greek Comedy Tour’ Looks To Bring Popular Fraternity & Sorority Comedians Together, Here’s 5 Top Comedians You May Not Know Live The Greek Life

Just because some comedians mastered the art of being the ‘class clown’ during their younger years, doesn’t mean they took education as a joke. As a matter of fact, many comedians have educational and professional backgrounds as varied as the stages Comedian & Creator Christopher Columbus they grace. As part…