100 Years Of Kitten Beauty

By now, you’ve most likely seen those videos by Cut of different forms of fashion and beauty over the past century from different cultures. Mashable Watercooler pokes fun at this viral trend by covering 100 years of kitten beauty.    Spoof – Viral Viral Videos

Yakki & 21 Savage – Pockets (Official Music Video)

Yakki just gave the world his Yakkstick mixtape and now he quickly returns with skyrocketing Atlanta rapper 21 Savage to shoot an official music video for their collaboration “Pockets.” Watch the iNightLyfe-directed clip below. The post Yakki & 21 Savage – Pockets (Official Music Video) appeared first on rapWAVE. Music Videos…


Luenell Calls Out Reality Star NeNe Leakes For Pursuing Comedy

Is comedy open for all? Well veteran comedian Luenell thinks differently. In a post on Instagram over the weekend, she decided to call out reality star NeNe Leakes for her recent attempt at stand-up comedy. Leakes announced back in April that she was kicking off a one woman comedy show….

John Oliver On Scientific Studies

You’ve most likely seen a news headline that seemed kind of outlandish. But it said that a study was done, so it must be true, right? Well, not exactly, explains John Oliver in this weekend’s trending segment on Last Week Tonight.    Nerd – Viral Viral Videos

Pizza Box Is A Pepperoni Pie Served In Box Made Of Pizza

You might have heard of it as it went viral last week. We’re talking about the pizza box. It’s a pepperoni pizza that comes inside of a box made of pizza, dough, and garlic bread. Is it gross and over done? Sure, but it also looks delicious.   Crazy –…

Drake’s Beef

Drake might be a nice guy from Canada, but he’s also a rapper. Deep down he has a tough guy rapper hiding inside. Drake shows viewers his true tough guy in this trending Saturday Night Live sketch.   Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Southside – Perci Parlor (Official Music Video)

Southside released his “Perci Parlor” single in March and now the producer turned rapper serves up an official music video for his fans. Watch the Edmund Prieto-directed footage below and check out Southside’s Hardcore N Hi-Tech mixtape if you haven’t already. The post Southside – Perci Parlor (Official Music Video) appeared first on…

Crushing diamond With A Hydraulic Press

Diamonds last forever. At least that’s the marketing slogan we all know. Diamonds are also considered one of the hardest substances on earth. The crew at the Hydraulic Press Channel wanted to see just how tough diamonds really are, so they dropped their press on a big beauty. The results might surprise…

Deon Cole Stops By Hot 97: “A lot Of Shows Have Hired A Black Face And Not A Black Voice”

Deon Cole has been having an eventful year. His run on both Black-ish and Angie Tribeca have been appreciated by television audiences as of lately. So while he was in NYC, Deon went to talk with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning team to cover a collective of topics including…

Kit Harington Revealed Jon Snow’s Fate To Cop To Avoid A Ticket

Without a doubt, one of the hottest shows on TV today is Game of Thrones. Fans simply can’t get enough. Apparently, even police officers. After being pulled over for speeding, Kit Harington on The Tonight Show how he got out of a ticket by telling the officer what happened next season.   …