Man Hatches Quail Egg From Grocery Store

Ever wonder what would happen if you took a egg from the grocery store and put it in an incubator? This guy did just that with the quail eggs he got from the store. What happened? He made a new, adorable friend he named Albert.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Larry David Returns In SNL’s Recreation Of CNN Coverage Of Ben Carson Endorsing Donald Trump

Thought you saw Larry David play Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live for the last time? Not a chance! Just like Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin, SNL isn’t going to let this perfect impression go until the horse is dead. This time, SNL recreated the CNN coverage of Ben Carson, played by Jay Pharoah,…

Conan O’Brien Plays UFC 2 With Conor McGregor

Conan O’Brien is back with another episode from his ever popular video game review segment, Clueless Gamer. This time, he is joined by Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial artist Conor McGregor to, naturally, review the new fighting game UFC 2.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Little Girl Covers Bohemian Rhapsody In The Car To The Best Of Her Abilities

Stephy OD was sifting through old files on her phone when she discovered this adorable gem. A while back while driving her almost three year daughter Millie last year, she captured the little one trying her best to cover the rock classic Bohemian Rhapsody.   Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Donald Trump Has A Lot Of Friends Ultimate Compilation

Donald Trump continues to stand as the front runner of all the Republican presidential candidates. And it makes sense as Jimmy Kimmel noticed that Trump has a lot of friends. A lot! Jimmy put together this hilarious compilation of The Donald talking about his many, many friends.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Bob Ross Makes A Super Mario Level

Like Mister Rogers, Bob Ross has become so much more than his original show on public television. Viewers remember his series for the relaxed atmosphere and for Bob’s poised teaching style.  A Dumb Thing made this nerdy homage to Bob’s painting show, The Joy of Painting, with a Nintendo spin by instead creating a Mario level on Super…

Kid Belly Flops Onto Bride’s Dress

Kids can go two ways at a wedding. They can be adorable and really add something special to the occasion, or they can wreak havoc. Both kind of happened all at once at Mark and Tanya’s wedding.  A little boy jumped out of nowhere and landed on the back of the bride’s dress…

The Most Interesting Man In The World’s Final Commercial

For years, The Most Interesting Man In The World has been a marketing powerhouse. He even became an Internet meme. Finally, beer company Dos Equis is retiring the Most Interesting Man with this final commercial.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Radio Host Pranks Co-Host Pretending To Cuss On Air

Around the world, it’s common knowledge that you can’t just say anything on the radio. That got radio host Alex Duffy thinking. So he tricked his co-host Emma Louise Jones into thinking they were on air and dropped some bad words.  Her reaction is hilarious.    Funny – Viral Viral Videos

Channing Tatum Performs Frozen’s Let It Go

It’s not hard for Hollywood hotshot Channing Tatum to go viral. But when you mix Tatum with one of the most viral songs online, Let It Go, you have a viral video sensation on your hands. The star appeared on Lip Sync Battle on Spike and now this clip is exploding!    Viral…